Can Asking Questions be the Answer?

June 15, 2016
City Club Los Angeles
555 S. Flower St., 51st Fl. Los Angeles, CA 90071

Event Details

J. Scott Bailey
Sandler Trainers

At our June Breakfast Club Meeting, J. Scott Bailey, the 22-year veteran of Sandler Training returns to lead us through more of the key elements and techniques of the Sandler Selling System. Sandler is an authentic and world-renowned sales process used by thousands of trusted advisors, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and business-to-business sales teams.

Key Takeaways

In This Session You Will Learn How-to:

  • Listen your way through the sales process
  • Craft a “Pain Funnel” to help your prospect discover their own reasons to do business with you
  • Stop being an "unpaid" consultant
  • Shorten your selling cycle
  • Stop hearing “I want to think it over” at the end of the sales presentation

about the speaker


J. Scott Bailey has been a veteran of the global network of Sandler Trainers since 1994. Scott enjoyed a very successful career in sales in the medical industry and credits Sandler Training as the key to his success. Scott and his team assist companies with B2B sales teams in manufacturing, distribution and professional services. He works well with small business owners, entrepreneurs and professional service providers who want to grow their business. His business is based in Orange County, CA and they have clients from LA, San Diego, Orange County and the Inland Empire.


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