Unleash Your Brand Story So You Can Magnetize, Monetize and Make A Difference

November 16, 2016
7:30 AM – 9:30 AM

Event Details

Emma Tiebens
Author, Speaker & Branding Expert

There are millions of eyes out there but do the right ones see you? Do you - and your business - have a powerful and compelling online brand presence that is seen, heard, found and most importantly, felt? With so many choices of businesses clamoring for our attention, your potential customers are more discerning than they have ever been. It’s no longer enough to just have a website, without true real time engagement. Learn how to simplify your online brand marketing strategies and gain an advantage over your competition by being the person and the business that is magnetic, memorable, trusted, preferred and chosen as the logical choice!

Key Takeaways

In This Session You Will Learn How-to:

  • Discover the 6 Pillars to A Magnetic Brand
  • Learn "The Emma5" to simplify your online marketing
  • The #1 Secret to Creating Engaging Written Content
  • Use and Leverage the #1 Marketing tool, That's Always with You
  • Learn practical Social Media and Video Marketing tips that get results

about the speaker


Emma Tiebens is the author of 4 books on Motivation, Magnetism, Media and Marketing, which include her Amazon bestseller, "Magnetic, Memorable and Trusted." She's a Brand Marketing Expert and she positions businesses online where they are understood, appreciated, admired and a strong following of raving advocates.

She migrated to the US from the Philippines at 25 years old, and didn't speak English fluently then. She grew her vocabulary through free books and magazines from the library and learned proper pronunciation of words by watching "I Love Lucy" reruns CNN, Oprah, QVC and Home Shopping Network to name a few!

She eventually became a Banker and an International Flight Attendant. She also went to University of California Irvine for Certified Financial Planning and Gemological Institute of America - GIA and received an Associate Jewelry Professional - AJP degree.

She's a Blogger and Show Host of "Magnetic and Memorable Show". The media calls here "The Relational Marketer" because she believes that in life and business, it's people, stories and meaningful connections that brings more Impact, Influence and Income!

She's a frequent guest expert on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines, where she speaks on "How to Unleash Your Brand Story" so you can Magnetize, Monetize and Make A Difference.

Emma is the major influence behind her son Garrett Tiebens, who at 14- years old is an Author, International Speaker and Ashtanga Yogi. She is a Life and Business Consultant to entrepreneurs, celebrities and movement makers all over the world! She is a Board Member of the Filipino American Chamber of Orange County and an active Rotarian and New Generations Director of her club in Orange County.

Emma will help you discover and confidently reveal the truth about who you are, while leveraging technology to help you build a magnetic V.I.P. Brand that is Visible, Influential and Profitable!

To download her free ebook and videos, go to: www.EmmaTiebens.com To order her book, "Magnetic Memorable and Trusted" please go to www.Amazon.com



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