How to Inspire an Awesome, Outrageous and Legendary Customer Experience

February 15, 2017
7:30 AM - 9:30 AM

Event Details

Maxine Shapiro
Speaker, Coach, Facilitator

Ask any CEO or Solopreneur what are their top business priorities and they’ll all put Customer Experience right up there. Everyone puts out new handbooks and motivational posters and still the customer loyalty rate doesn’t move an inch. What is this elusive Customer Experience that everyone’s clamoring for?

“When I finally put down the scripts and really became open to new and different possibilities, when collaboration became an integral part of the process, and when I used the basic components of improv, is when my business took off.”

When was the last time you played and took a risk?  Come and experience this fun and informative session with Max and feel what it’s like to make all interactions an opportunity to have quick, productive collaborations, through generous and respectful communications, creating big BOLD solutions. At the very least you’ll experience more agility and creativity.  At the very most... Be prepared to engage!

Key Takeaways

In This Session You Will Learn How-to:

  • The difference between “Yes, And…” vs “Yes, But…”  (And how to convert the Yes, But-ter to a Yes, and-er)
  • W‍hy the Customer Experience is all about perception – it’s exciting
  • I‍f it’s time to transform your neutral customer into a promoter
  • How-to challenge yourself
  • Why NOT to take yourself so seriously
  • Action items you can start using right away

about the speaker


Maxine is a dynamic speaker, training professional and coach whose quick wit and business savvy has created a national demand for her Collaborcate!™ keynotes and workshops. Maxine is a 25-year veteran of the business world - from the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade to being a weekly financial commentator on NPR’s “Marketplace,” (one of the most widely listened business broadcasts in the country).   She’s also an accomplished actor and comedienne and was a student of the Second City Improv Lab.

Max motivates, inspires, entertains, and transforms groups using one of the most exhilarating forces in business today – IMPROVISATION. No death-by-PowerPoint here! The take-aways are used immediately and for years to come. These Highly interactive keynotes and workshops become a playground for boldness, agility and forward-thinking ideas. And her coaching opens the door for anyone to be more self-expressed and creative than they ever thought they could be.    Experience what 100’s of clients from The Fed to FOX, Papyrus to Zappos, call “Phenomenal!” “Transformational!” and  "Contagious!"



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