Manage Yourself First: The Secret to Managing Others

September 18, 2019
07:30 - 09:30 AM

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Dr. Sam Alibrando, Ph.D.
Author & Speaker
Alibrando Psychological Consulting

When you ask a business owner or executive what keeps them up at night, half the time it has to do with an employee, partner, vendor or client – in other words a difficult person. And often these difficult people make us into a difficult person – we become frustrated, ineffective and reactive ourselves. What difference would it make if you have more leverage in those types of relationships?

Dr. Sam will take the model from his latest book on emotional intelligence and apply it to this very issue, giving the participant both a model to understand the other person (and yourself) as well as a tool to use to optimize the relationship by helping you find your “sweet spot” when interacting with the difficult person.

And if you have an extra 15 minutes any time (between now and September 8th), please take his free assessment to determine your interpersonal & reactivity style. It will help you more directly apply the content of the session to yourself.  Simple go to to take the assessment.

Key Takeaways

  • The three ways that we (difficult people) react
  • A memorable model to help you describe how & why people act and react the way they do.
  • A tool to find your relational “sweet spot” in all relationships**
  • A tool to guide in leading and mentoring others you team to become more emotionally intelligent

**Bonus: How best to talk with your spouse

about the speaker


Dr. Sam Alibrando, a respected psychologist, organizational consultant, mediator, workshop facilitator and author, brings his 30+ years of experience as a psychologist to help organizations select and development its senior level leaders and teams.

He has consulted with and/or given seminars for organizations such as the AECOM, Applied Materials, American Red Cross, Amgen, Avnet, Baxter, Farmers Insurance, City of Hope, Jacob’s Engineering, JPL … on a range of issues all focused on selecting or developing emotionally intelligent leaders or teams in order to make organizations more profitable & pleasurable places to work.



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