Master The Sales Conversation - How To Get Them To Say Yes The First Time

October 17, 2018
07:30 - 09:30 AM

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Tiffany Largie

15 years ago, I was a single mom desperate to change my life. I got fed up with putting my kids to bed hungry and feeling like a failure. My little $10.22 an hour job wasn’t cutting it. I needed a way out, emotionally, mentally, and physically. My story was the ONLY thing I had. It made me unique and different from everyone else… so I used it.

My story connected me to people faster than anything else. With it, I built three six-figure businesses and then a seven-figure brick and mortar business. If I can do it, anyone can. Over the last three years I have used my story to get on hundreds of stages and reach tens of thousands of people to start a worldwide movement. Our story is the strongest tool we have on this planet. Let me teach you how to use it…. to win… at just about everything.

Key Takeaways

By Attending You Will Learn How-to

  • Leverage your story to close and develop the right relationship
  • Get them to say yes, “THE FIRST TIME" without old-style sales techniques
  • Master the sales conversation using five simple steps

about the speaker


Regardless of whether she is speaking to a corporate audience, students, or entrepreneurs on the move, Tiffany Largie has a unique way of transforming a room. She literally transforms the energy of the room… it’s almost like magic. As a result, she leaves the audience rethinking their values, redefining their own mission, and lays out how to stop thinking small to redefine their value for greater profits in the midst of pure laughter.

She started her journey as an entrepreneur over ten years ago and has used the concept of, “Don’t Think Small” to build three six-figure businesses, and a seven-figure business which she sold. She provides a step-by-step clear, actionable way for audiences and attendees everywhere to make more money. She shows them how to make an impact in their families, communities, and, finally, the world. She will not only entertain you, but will absolutely leave you begging for more.



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