W.I.N. at Sales

August 21, 2019
07:30 - 09:30 AM

Event Details

Maurice DiMino
L L Global Seminars, Inc.

In this 50 Minute presentation, Maurice DiMino will share his message of “W.I.N. at Sales.” Combining his 37 years of sales and speaking, he created his own philosophy of sales, The W.I.N. Philosophy. This three tier system helps you to increase your sales with the best use of your time. The three tiers are: Your Who, Your Integrity and Your Network. In this lively presentation, you will walk away with new perspectives on generating new clients and taking care of your current ones. Maurice believes everyone can achieve the best in sales once you have a system in place to save you time and make more money. As your gift for attending today’s meeting. Get his latest Number #1 Best Selling Book at YourMillionDollarMessageNow.com

Key Takeaways

  • When & How to use “Micro-Agreements”
  • Nurturing your Tribe to become Second Tier Referral Units
  • The One Thing you should NOT be doing with Prospects
  • Persuasive Communication Techniques to Build Interest

about the speaker


Maurice DiMino is an International award-winning speaker, Number #1 best-selling author, and Accredited Speaker.

Maurice’s professional life has seen him span both coasts. Beginning his career in New York City, he worked for one of the top advertising companies of its day, Darcy, Masius, Benton & Bowles in New Business Development. This position gave him the opportunity to work with clients with budgets over 5M. Then onto Los Angeles selling high-end post production equipment, working with some of the best: “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” “The Bachelor,” and other high rated reality programming.

By joining Toastmasters in 2002, it changed the trajectory of his life. In 2004, Maurice was voted “Best Speaker in Los Angeles.” In 2008, he became a contract speaker for one of the top seminar companies in America, “SkillPath Seminars.”

The TED Organization recognized him as an outstanding speaker and in April 2013 he became a TEDx speaker at San Diego State University. In August 2018, Maurice became the 78th person to achieve Toastmasters Accredited Speaker Designation. He delivers his “W.I.N. at Sales” presentation to corporations and organizations throughout the United States and Internationally.

His clients include Microsoft, US Navy, Marriott Dubai, Los Angeles Food Bank along with other corporations and organizations. When companies are looking for a straight-forward, interactive and fun session with massive value they call on Maurice to deliver his “W.I.N. at Sales” Keynote.

As your gift for attending today’s meeting…Get his latest Number #1 Best Selling Book at YourMillionDollarMessageNow.com



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